Easy way to go back to last edit position


I notice there is a function to move to "Previous document " and “Next document”, which follows the order in the binder, but in the editing, I always jump between documents. I really needs a function to go back to the last edit positions, go forward and back. That will increase the productivity very much.

Thanks a lot if you guys can consider it.

Users, if you have same request with me, let’s vote on that.


On the left side of that same toolbar where you found the “up” and “down” buttons, you’ll find some “left” and “right” buttons. Those work much like a browser in that you can jump back and forth through your navigation history, as well as being able to right-click (or click and hold) on the button to pull up a history menu. These also have keyboard shortcuts, Cmd-[ and ].

:arrow_right: I do use the editors’ history (and back again) navigation many times a day, from one document to another (or to an outline even): Making it operative for my mouse’s back/forward buttons would make it even more effective. (I know: I’m asking for mouse functionality – again!)

I suspect that there is mouse driver software ‘out there’ that would enable this (per app), but it would be nice were Scrivener self-aware … as is Chrome browser.