Easy Way to Put TOC at the End in MOBI Files?

I’d like to put my table of contents at the end of my book for the eBook version. The main advantage of this is that the Amazon sample version of the book will have more of the actual book and less “Chapter One, Chapter Two,Chapter Three, etc.”

Is there an easy way to do that, or should I do it with some Sigil post-processing?



It will need post-processing; there’s no way to do that from within Scrivener.

It’s easily done in Sigil. Here’s my system:

  1. Compile to epub
  2. Open in Sigil
  3. Drag and drop the TOC from the beginning to the end
  4. Save the epub
  5. Don’t bother to run Kindlegen, just upload the .epub file to Amazon KDP, it will convert it.