Ebook cover size

I have a quick question about ebook cover size. Why does Scrivener recommend 600x800? I’ve noticed that most of my ebooks have noticeably thinner covers, I’m guessing more like 475x800 or something. My scrivener ebooks look “fat” next to them on my reader’s shelf. Any thoughts? Is it just a matter of preference or is there a good reason for this thicker aspect ratio?

I poked around on google and found a decent guide to image formatting for ebooks. I honestly don’t understand a lot of this stuff, especially the whole dpi thing (with websites ask for, but experts say is only relevant to printing), but maybe it will be enlightening to you.

natashafondren.com/writing/k … ats/#guide

Yes, I looked at that site as well. It seems like most places say 600x800 but I just don’t know why so many of my ebooks don’t seem to follow that pattern. I think the skinnier size looks more like a real book. 600x800 is starting down the coffee table book road and most books in real life just aren’t that square. I’m sure there must be some reason behind it. I was just wondering if anyone knew why.

My guess - and it’s a guess without doing any research whatsoever…

600 x 800 is what the screen size is designed for, but 500x800 is more in keeping with traditional print book covers, and most publishers use the same designs as the print books?

Compare and contrast the two grids below. 1 is 6x8 the other 5x8. The later certainly looks more booky to me.

So which to choose? Want to look like a real book? go 5x8 dimensions. Want to get maximum out of the ebook screen? go 6x8.

Book dimensions.png