eBook Reader?


I just started reading 1984.txt from Project Gutenberg (my first eBook) in Tofu, but it really doesn’t seem great as an eBook reader, particularly because it doesn’t save position in file for the next time I open it.

Any suggestions on a good reader? I’m downloading “Sophie” but it seems like an older program and I’m not sure how well that will work either.


You can set Tofu to remember your position in the text. Check the preferences. It works fine for me. I have my text preferences set at 18 pt. Baskerville with column width at 630 pixels with 30 pixels for left and right margins, and it gives me a very nice two-page display that looks very much like a book when I turn on full screen mode.

I see the preference but it does not save my position ever, at least for .txt files.

There was a post somewhere around that actually suggested scrivener as an e-book reader :wink:

Yeah, but it takes too much work on my end sorting things into sections, etc. I want a reader that I can just open any .txt, .html, .pdf file with, does full screen and opens to the same place it was closed the last time.