Ebook text runs off right side of Nook


I use the ebook function to reread my books and to proof my friend’s books on my Nook SimpleTouch (aka the cheap one). However, in books that I import from Word, there is almost always a compile problem where the text runs off the right side of the page in the Nook.

I have messed with the formatting in various ways, but since this doesn’t show up in the e-Reader app on Mac, I can’t seem to troubleshoot it.

Please help!

Do the ebooks use tabs to indent the first line of a paragraph? There’s a known issue with the Nook in which initial tabs cause word wrap to not work normally.


I think tabs are a set piece of formatting… do I change that in the text, or in the formatting settings?

In this case, tabs refer to the tab character, which some typists still use to indent paragraphs (a hold-over from typewriters and such). Tabs used in this way will be exported with a special HTML+CSS code that will attempt to display that tab character verbatim. In most browsers and readers, this will work fine (though it is not as preferable a solution as using ruler indent to indent paragraphs). On Nooks and a few other Adobe based ePub devices, there is a bug with this special code that triggers whole paragraph following it to also be printed verbatim—without any treatment such as word wrapping and other formatting.

The best course of action, if this is the problem, is to strip out the tab characters (we have a handy tool for that: Format/Convert/Strip Leading Tabs), and then replace them if necessary with ruler-based indenting (this can often be easily done by setting paragraph indent in the Formatting compile option pane, with override formatting, if it isn’t already doing so (the default E-book compile format preset will apply indent formatting to the text during compile).