ebook Title page

I’m attempting by first ebook compile. I’m having a little trouble with the title page.

What I want is a title page with the title in a large bold font. The author credit underneath it in a smaller font and the copyright information at the bottom in an even smaller font. It looks that way in the edit window, but I don’t have something set correctly in the format tab I’m guessing.

Do the level settings take care of this? (e.g., Heading 1, Heading 2,…)
If so, how do I identify each piece of text on my title page as a separate entity?


Make sure your title page has the “Compile As-Is” flag set, in the Inspector. That will preserve the font and layout choices you make with it. It will also turn off any automatic titling, in case that would otherwise be applied. Basically, it lets you run that section as WYSIWYG (roughly, of course, in the case of e-books), rather than using the compile settings.

Wanna make a really professional looking title page for your ebook?

  1. Create a document with any word processor for the title page.
  2. Make this document flush, meaning set it to have “zero” margins in its doc settings (the margins will be added later) basically an 8.5x11 doc with no margins.
  3. Edit this document with text and images as you desire to make it look like pro title page of a printed book.
  4. Save as pdf, then convert to jpeg (this can be done with the Preview app on any on Mac)
  5. copy and paste this jpeg into a blank page in the e-book “front matter” in Scrivener. (with this step, Scrivener will paste this image within the print margins, this is why we made the original document marginless)
  6. name this page “Title Page” and format “As is” during the e-book compile.

Following these steps will give the appearance of a pro title page in the beginning of your e-book.
Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.