Edit All Sections in a Project?

Hi. I am new to using Scrivener and am having difficulty solving one seemingly minor issue:

Is there a way to edit all of the (“Text”) sections of a Project simultaneously? That is, if I have a Project with four different sections (each created by clicking “New Text” in the Project menu), is there a way I can change the font across all four of them simultaneously?

As it stands, if I’m using Times (12) font and I want to switch all the sections to Georgia (12), for example, I have to do so manually by going to each of the four sections. Ideally, I’d like to be able to edit features like font, font size, formatting across the entire project.

Thanks for any guidance you have time to provide.

Is this a preference level decision? If you’d rather work in Georgia from now on, you might want to make that change in the Scrivener preferences window, under Formatting. That will only impact new sections that you create, however. For existing stuff, it is best to use the Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style menu command. This will intelligently adjust the formatting to the preference settings for all selected sections. By that I mean it will take care to preserve italic and other inline formatting, as well as give you options to retain certain aspects of your formatting (for instance if you use block quotes, you might wish to disable the tool’s tab and indent setting).