Edit button has disappeared from Projects screen.

The edit button has disappeared from the Projects screen on my iPhone 8+, Scrivener 1.2.1, iOS 13.3.1. :open_mouth: Because of this it’s impossible to move, delete, or archive projects; it’s also impossible to link and unlink Dropbox.

The button’s still available on my iPad 6, also Scrivener 1.2.1, iPadOS 13.3.1. Other users have reported the same problem in this thread, [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/sync-via-dropbox-selected-projects/47954/4]


Thanks, I missed this thread! We got a report of this to email directly a bit ago, and I’ve been told a fix is found and will be in place for the next update.

Meanwhile this is another one of those dark/light mode issues. If you set Scrivener to follow the system appearance, then it should reappear.

Thanks for the response!

Blah. I despise iOS Scrivener in dark mode ( no offence to any L&L personnel! I know I’m in the minority.) OTOH, I’m not that fond of dark mode in general, so I’ll just switch my device to light mode for the duration.

Sorry for that! The whole light/dark thing has been a bit of a mess on the iPhone. It broke a few methods that were being used to display the trimmed down interface.

Just had this issue myself. Deleted and reinstalled Scrivener to fix before seeing this post. Didn’t realise this was a dark mode issue. I still get the dark mode issue with recents not working too.
I know you’re all busy with Big Sur fixes, but any idea when the iOS dark mode issues will get a fix?
Many thanks.

Sorry to say, I haven’t been informed of when iOS work will begin. I do think we are getting close to wrapping up the 11.0 compatibility stuff though.