edit compiled TOC in MS Word?


I compiled a Word docx and am now editing it in Word. It has a dynamic TOC that works.

I’m editing the doc and splitting chapters. Word is not recognizing the new chapters in the TOC or the change of title of the existing chapters. I did “Update Field” in the Word TOC and the page numbers updated but not the new titles.

I can’t seem to find how Word has recognized the Scrivener TOC tags. If I could see that of course I could edit.

Is there a method to edit the Word TOC generated by the Scrivener compile?


Have you turned on the Show Fields option in Word? I’m not quite sure what the Word format converter does to a Scrivener-generated TOC, but the Show Fields option is the best way to see for yourself.


If you turned on the Show field option in Word you’ll see something like

It’s a link only withh the page’s number. That the reason when you change it, it’s updated

If you create a TOC in Word, the first step is to use the Style options: Title1, Title2, etc.
Then, when you insert the TOC with Word, and turned on again the Show field option you’ll see:

The TOC in Word is based on the style. And as you can see your Scrivener file compiled in the Word format, has no style. All the text use the same style. So Word can’t identify which part of it is a title, its level, and which is some normal text.

You have to (re)create your own style in Word to create, and then update when you want, your TOC, made with the Word function.


I see the field code in the TOC. Thanks.

I don’t see a tag or mark on the actual page in the text that the link goes to when the TOC line is clicked - the dynamic link.

What marker is on the actual page that is listed in the TOC?. How do I see that? There must be one because when the title pages are moved in the text Word can update the TOC fields to the new page number.

There is no tag on this page

That is a basic function in Word: it’s a bookmark, where you can choose what you whant to see (page number, paragraph title, etc.)
So that explains why the page number can be updated (HYPERLINK).


So in Word the TOC is a list of hyperlinks to bookmarks (generated by Scrivener).

Thanks. I think I get it and will be able to edit the TOC in Word that Scrivener compiled.

Word Help explains how to do this.