Edit > Find > Find... suggestion Search Whole Project[NOTED]

I have noticed that the Find feature only works within the a selected section. I recently came across an issue with a name that I’d been misspelling, and had hoped to perform a quick fix by performing a find and replace. I thought that the replace all option would/should do the trick, but that also seems to only affect the selected section. Perhaps another choice for applying the replace or search can be added to search the entire project, instead of just individual sections.

I agree. An option to do Finds and Find and Replace for the whole project (or at least the entire stack that’s selected) would be great! As one alternative, this could be combined with allowing other actions to affect all documents currently being displayed in Combined Text View.

I think you can do that using the inspector (the big i button in the right hand upper corner)!

The search box next to the inspector button will do a global find, but I don’t see a way to make it do a global find and replace. I suppose you could use it to do the find, then do a find an replace in each document it brings up, but global overall operations would be better, IMHO.

The project search tool is indeed in the toolbar next to the inspector button. Click the little icon in the search bar itself to set up options for it. Project Search and Replace will be a separate tool entirely, once it is developed, not integrated with this tool. Such a thing is far too powerful and potentially project-destroying to have hinged off of something that is so easy to access as this.

Hey, at least it’s in the queue to be worked! Thanks for continuing to make this great project better!

yes, thanks. I’m not sure how I missed it before. I guess I just followed the natural conclusion that it wasn’t there, because it wasn’t where I expected to find it.

Glad to know it’s being worked out.

It’ll probably pop up in the Edit/Find menu, once it has been coded. It will allow selective replacement based on meta-data field type. In other words you’ll be able to enact S&R across multiple field types, not just the main text editing area. So titles, notes, synopses, etc, in a series of checkboxes.