Edit footnotes and comments inside of note - not inspector

That only comes up the very, very first time, if the registry is completely empty of anything related to Scrivener 3 (same little starter setup as on Mac, only there is no keyboard section there, just the bit about setting up your backup folder and then offering to open the tutorial). Afterwards, you can switch presets via the Keyboard tab in Options, though, by clicking the down arrow button beside the Import button. This is how you would adopt the revised defaults if you wanted.

I do think F4 was changed as the base key for comments and footnotes, to avoid how close it is to Ctrl+F4 and Alt+F4, the latter two of which are hardly what anyone would want when going to insert a footnote and fumbling keys!

Changing the defaults on our end does nothing for those that already have the software installed, of course, so many will still have the old set unless they use the button mentioned above.

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So that explains it. When use import where is the updated keyboard shortcuts file located?

Amber is there a download file I can import to have my current Scrivener shortcuts change to match the 3.15 manual shortcuts? I clearly have an older set.

I fixed it missed the small caret option on Import for Keyboard Shortucts.

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You were right and somehow I had an older set of window keyboard shortcuts and when updated inside the option panel, if matched yours.

Shucks. Pity I folded.

At least all you lost was a point and not the shirt off your back.

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