edit title page

The templates seem to automatically generate a title page.
Convenient, but how and where do I edit the information that will appear on this title page?

A template might come with more than one—basically one might be optimised for traditional publication where it works more like a cover page, and another for someone looking to self-publish, where it will look more like a title page in a book.

I believe in all of our templates we simply call these documents “Title Page”. So the best thing to do is use the Quick Search feature in the toolbar to look for “title page”, and hit return on one of the results. That will take you to the page in your editor, and a quick Navigate ▸ Reveal in Binder (⌥⌘R) will show you where it is, and likely the rest of them in other similar folders around it.

Ah, Thanks!
I am really loving this platform so far. :smiley:

Glad to hear it! :smiley:

Turns out I’m still having some struggles with title pages. I’m just not getting the results I’m trying to achieve.
Are there any tutorial videos I can watch on title pages?

We don’t have any tutorials specifically for that one aspect, but they are all on this page. Otherwise you might find something on a blog somewhere.

If you could explain a little of what you’re trying to achieve here I could maybe help.

Ok. Well, I’m currently using Chicago Essay template. This one has a title page right under the main Essay page in the binder, which I guess makes sense. The other templates don’t seem to show the title page in the binder.
So that’s part of my confusion.

Then, I want to edit the text on that title page. the parts inside the html codes <$projecttitle>, <$fullname>, etc.

Also, I like the title page that includes a live word-count, but I’m confused why some title pages have that and others do not…?

And finally, when I export, I want the title page to display as its own page. Currently, mine does not. The title simply appears above the text on the first document page. In other words it just appears above the core content, rather than as a true title page.

I feel like an idiot.

I’m probably doing multiple things wrong. That’s why I was hoping for videos. if i scour through the videos foreach template, will I find anything about the title page that corresponds to that template?

Well that depends. This template has one very specific purpose. Recall earlier how I mentioned that some templates provide for a broader set of functions? One can use some templates to submit a manuscript and another person to create a fancy looking PDF—that requires distinctly different title page designs, so having one “Title Page” document in the Draft folder wouldn’t make sense. Those templates use swappable front matter folders instead.

These are set in your Compile settings, under the metadata tag on the right side of the overview screen. If you click the “?” button you’ll see the list of tags that are populated by the settings here.

The counters can be added with the Insert ▸ Draft Word Count ▸ submenu. Again, these title pages are nothing special—they are just text files, you have full control over how they appear, and if you want a title page from one of our other examples you can copy and paste the text from it into the other project. The Chicago title page is set up the way that style guide recommends, but if you need something slightly different there is nothing stopping you from changing it.

Hmm, that’s not the way it works by default. We have that template set up so that the “Title Page” document at the top of the Draft is assigned to the “Title Page” section type (you can see that in the Inspector’s Metadata tab), there is further setup in the default compile settings that ensure a “Title Page” document has a page break both before and after the section.

Did you perhaps swap it out for the “First Page Header” alternate in the Miscellaneous folder? That one is specifically designed for those that don’t want a page break following the title block.

The video tutorials aren’t going to go into something so very specific as how to adjust the essay template (particularly to make it work like it already should). They would however teach you how you could make modifications, and how to examine its settings and see how it works in general.

Sorry, I’m really confused.

“These are set in your Compile settings, under the metadata tag on the right side of the overview screen. If you click the “?” button you’ll see the list of tags that are populated by the settings here.”

When I go to my compile setting, I don’t see metadata or a question mark.
I’m totally lost.

Here is where it will be:

[size=80]The “Metadata” tab is selected along the top.[/size]