Editable Web Archives

I don’t know if Scrivener uses web archives to save its web pages. If it does, I would love the feature of being able to edit them within Scrivener. For research, I currently use a program called Together, which does allow editing of web archives:


With Together, you can load a web archive into the program and then start deleting parts of the page you don’t need. I don’t know if any other software programs has that feature but it’s why I use Together instead of Scrivener for my research.



Yes, Scrivener uses web archives for web pages, but there are no plans to make them editable. However, you can just convert them to text using the Documents > Convert > Web Archive to Text feature to conver them to editable rich text (currently images get lost, but 2.0 will retain images etc).

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I use the Aardvark Firefox extension to clean pages up and then print to PDF when I’m done, or copy and paste out to text. I prefer this for two reasons: PDF is way more portable than WebArchive, secondly it’s also more stable. WebArchives can lose data over time (I think Apple might have fixed this bug in newer versions of the OS, but older archives still have issues). That’s when I need layout. For most things just stripping out the relevant text is good enough, and far less messy in the long run.


thanks for Aarkvard, I’ve downloaded it and updated Firefox, it’s a very useful add-on!