Editing custom metadata in outliner

is there a keyboard shortcut to move to editing another metadata field in the outliner? I could have sworn hitting TAB used to (previous version of Scrivener) automatically move to editing the box in the next line down, but in the same column and now if I’m editing a text metadata field in the outliner, hitting TAB just inserts space in the field I’m currently editing.
I know I can just click the box/field I want to edit with the mouse but that gets tedious if I’m making changes to a lot of boxes in the same column. Hitting TAB to move down a line and automatically be able to edit that field was so much easier. Is there an equivalent in Scrivener3 or am I out of luck?

For how to move from Outliner field to field/column to column within one row, the manual is silent and I can find no way to do it.

Version v1.9 was the same.

For how to move & edit within one column down or up Outliner rows, your memory is correct, this is how it worked in v1.9 for all types of metadata fields.

V3 works differently.

For text fields like Name or Synopsis, I can find no way to move move and edit one column up or down Outliner rows. If there is such a technique, the manual does not seem to provide it.

For non-text fields like check-boxes, dropdowns, etc., pressing F2 on the field and then Tab will move you in edit mode down to the next row, staying within the same column. Shift-Tab will take you up to the previous row. I believe this is what you are looking for.

Also, see the manual section 8.3.2 Editing Content in the Outliner, for how to edit a single column across multiple rows simultaneously.


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thanks for the detailed reply, that was my experience but I was hoping I was missing something. It’s helpful to at least know that I wasn’t!

The manual is silent on the matter because all of the methods meant to be implemented for moving around between cells weren’t. Tab, Shift-Tab and even spreadsheet-like arrow key movement is supposed to be possible.

I’ve added it to the list to see about mentioning the F2 trick though. It shouldn’t be necessary to do that, but at least it’s something.

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