Editing document keywords in Outliner view – is it possible?

Is it possible to edit document keywords in the Outliner view? Double clicking the keyword just opens the document in the Editor. Pressing enter enables changing the document title and the tab key moves the focus only between document titles. I can’t find any setting controlling this or entries about it in the manual.

Not directly in the outliner, no, but you can use the Navigate ▸ Inspect ▸ Keywords shortcut to edit them. As with all inspector shortcuts, use of it when the pane is already visible moves the keyboard focus over to the relevant area.

OK, thanks for the info. The Bookmarks shortcut ctrl+alt+command+N seems to accidentally cause creation of a new folder very easily, even when I think I’ve moved the focus to the Keywords tab. I guess I need to customize the shortcuts further.

Hmm, I would have thought ‘N’ would be the Bookmarks pane by default. I changed mine from the defaults as well, not to avoid that combination (never had that problem you describe, maybe your ctrl key is getting old, since ⌥⌘N would make a new folder), but I never saw a reason to change my habits from the old v2 order.

Uh, I wouldn’t know. I might have overwritten the defaults with other keyboard assignments. Anyway, I changed all the Navigate-Inspect shortcuts now to something that works better for me and don’t seem to conflict with anything.