Editing icon descriptive text

I’d like to be able to change/edit the text associated with the icons.

To explain visually, from the main menu, under Documents is Change Icon. Next to each icon is descriptive text. I would like to be able to change that descriptive text to reflect what I’m using that icon for in each particular project.

For example,in my current WIP I am using the icon labeled Characters for my sections, Locations for chapters, Notes (Green Notes) for scenes and Notes (White Notes) for notes. This coordinates with the colors I’ve assigned the index cards for my cork board.

The problem is, the descriptive text in the pop up menu throughs off my concentration on the story. I need to come out of my story I’m editing to use my brain instead to remember what I used which icon for and then act accordingly.

I’m not so brain dead that it stops the editing process, but it does cause that break in concentration that makes things more difficult to keep the flow of ideas going.

Is there already a way to edit that descriptive text? If so, would someone please direct me to it?

If there is not already a way to edit that text, would you please consider making that change? Thank you!