Editing in IOS track changes

I love composing my first draft on MacOS Scrivener and have been doing so for a long time. Now that we have an IOS version, editing on my iPad, and tracking the changes, would be a boon. I have been able to edit and sync, but aside from Highlighting, which is a very long step to do for every edit, I don’t think we can color code our changes, for instance. Is this a feature that I am unaware of how to access, or something perhaps planned for a future iteration.

This capability is not enabled by default, so go into the Import/Export preference pane, and at the top, switch Take snapshots of updated documents to true. You might also want to enable the collection here as well, which will record which files have changed, each time the project merges mobile changes.

Snapshots themselves come with a comparison feature: select the updated document you want to review, the sync snapshot in the Inspector, then click the Compare button. More in §15.6.3, Comparing Changes, pg. 224.