Editing Scapple document from Scrivener

As I read the manual I got the sense that when I dragged a Scapple document into Scrivener I could then edit that document by going to “Navigate” and choosing to “Open in Editor” or “Open in Other Editor”. But those choices are grayed out. I read in the forum that I could choose one of the buttons on the bottom right hand of the Scapple document in Scrivener. Indeed both the “eye” and the “return arrow” opened Scapple with a document called “content”. But a change in the document caused the spinning rainbow beachball to start.

The change actually maintained when force quitting Scapple and restarting Scrivener, but it was a Forced Quit. And although the document changed in Scrivener, the original document did not change. (Perhaps that is intentional?)

When you dragged your scapple doc into the binder of your project, Scrivener made a COPY of your doc. And it is the copy Scriv is now storing inside your project that you are now editing. The original doc you made is not involved.

So the only real funny business you have going on here is which Scapple froze up while you were editing that (internal) doc. About which I have nothing useful to contribute.

Have you tried doing likewise with any other scapple doc to see if it us particular to that one doc? Etc.


I think I figured it out. When choosing the curly arrow and then choosing Scapple I got a document called “content.scap”. I made a slight change and then went back to Scrivener. Nothing changed until I moved the focus off the document and then came back to the document. Then it was changed and I had no crashes. I think I was expecting the change to carry through immediately.

I got confused by the “Open in Other Editor” in the menu bar under Navigate. That was never able to be chosen. I don’t know what it is.

Under the menu bar “Navigate” there is an Open in Editor, Open in Other Editor, Open in an External Editor. In Mac Photos that actually means open the chosen document in another editor (like Photoshop).

“Open in Other Editor” opens in the other half of Scrivener’s split-pane Editor view.

“Open in External Editor” opens in the appropriate application for whatever the file is.


Glad you go it sorted.

By the way, you don’t really need to open that little menu. Just click on the hooked arrow and it will open in Scapple by default.

As for the preview image of your map that you see in the Scriv window: When you Save the modified doc from Scapple, it will for sure save your changes in the Scapple doc stored inside Scriv just as you expect. Just bear in mind that the preview image of your map that you see in Scrivener’s editor is just that: a “preview image”. So, maybe you need to click away from that and back again in the binder to get Scriv to relook for the preview image – in order to see the updated preview, right?


and then you can edit and… save back to Scrivener? or we are still forced to overwrite with the Scapple edited file in the External editor the original Scapple file and so on…