Editing Scriv project on PC - seeking advice

I do most of my writing project in Scriv on my mac. When I travel I have a PC laptop and would like to continue to work on the writing project. Would like some advice on how to best do this, things to watch out for, etc.

I tried to export to RTF, and get a nice folder structure that I can see on the PC. Can I edit the rtf files in MS-Word, saving back as RTF? Can I then re-import the entire folder structure (or any sub-folder) back in Scrivener? Or just one RTF file at a time? Will things like tables and images move back and forth OK?


Yes you can re-import the lot at once with the folder structure intact. With things like this it is really better just to try it out for yourself so you can get a feel for how it works. RTF should maintain most elements - tables and images etc - much better than any other format, too (though it may not always be 100% perfect and lossless - again try it out on a few test files to get a feel for it).
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Do I lose the ordering of items in the Binder? While the nesting of files and folders in exported RTF captures the children relation of the binder, the names of files and folders in the exported RTF does not seem to capture the item ordering.

The Finder orders things according to name (alphabetically) so yes, you will lose the ordering.

Got it. This may not be a priority for a feature :slight_smile: but inserting/removing the position number into the file name would probably take care of ordering (and make the folders easier to use outside Scriv).


I take it from your other postings that you’re also using Scrivener with MMD? If that’s the case for your current project, I’d recommend to export to MultiMarkdown. You can easily reimport MMD into Scrivener, which will auto-magically rebuild the folder structure for you. Works like a charm. :smiley:

Thank you! I just tried it, it’s quite an interesting option. I’m still struggling with some MMD bits so I’m still not sure about it. e.g. cannot get snippets of raw Latex through it. Have not given up hope yet :confused: