Editing with Scrivener, use of Grammerly

I’m new to Scrivener and I imported by Word document files of my finished novel for editing. I’m read the manual and done the tutorial but I’m still not sure I understand how to use it. I’m use to just making changes in my document and saving a the changes instead of crossing out or commenting on changes. Also I can’t figure out if Scrivener helps with grammar like Word does. But my big question is can Grammerly work with Scrivener? If it doesn’t I wish it did. I may have to go back to Word.

Probably not helpful, but I use ProWritingAid and the app can open/read/edit native Scrivener project files.

Don’t have a clue about Grammarly, always felt it was overpriced.

No, it doesn’t work with Scrivener.

Thanks for the advice. I will look into it.

Then just do that in Scrivener. Scrivener supports revision markup and notes, but it doesn’t require them.

The officially supported method is to [File > Sync > Sync to External folder], open the. RTF-files from there and Sync them back into Scrivener.

Grammerly works fine in Scrivener on my MacBook Pro running the Big Sur os. I can’t get it to run on my desktop though, in Monterey. I have no idea why.