Editor failing to fit to screen

When I open a new document on Scrivener, the window opens shrunken - as if I minimised it to the corner of the screen. When I click the green button in the top left to maximise the document to fit my screen, the editor pane remains the same as if fitting to the shrunken screen size while everything else around it maximises like it should, leaving a sort of ‘dead space’ at the top and down the side of the editor pane.

All I do is this:
Open Scrivener.
Select a template (in this instance, a blank one).
Click open.
And when the window opens minimised, I click the green enlarge button.

Thanks for your help.

What’s your version of Scrivener? Current version is 3.1.5. This sounds like a Catalina incompatibility that’s been fixed.

Hope this helps!

Yep! This fixed it! I also learned how to update Scrivener in the process. Thanks for your help!