Editor scrolling in locked pane

Description: Editor scrolls to top of page when clicking on a Binder document if the editor is locked in place.

  1. Open two documents side by side in split view
  2. Right click on the icon of one of the documents and Lock in Place
  3. With locked editor pane selected, click on any document in the Binder
    Expected behaviour: Nothing should happen - location of cursor within locked Editor should remain where it is
    Actual behaviour: Document in locked Editor scrolls to the top of the page

This is only a small glitch, but I’m clumsy and frequently have the wrong Editor selected when I click on a document in the Binder, which is why I use the Lock in Place feature.

Observed this behavior. I confirm.

I am afraid I could not reproduce this bug. Uploading a video of the steps that you make is probably best to reproduce this issue. Thanks!

Here is…

Thanks for the video. It explains a lot.

Have in mind that you are in Scrivenings mode. In this mode the Binder click is treat as bring me to the top of the document within the Scrivenings session. You have locked in the Editor multiple documents, i.e. all Scrivenings documents, which are laid out as one continuous text of multiple documents.

To summarize. In Scrivenings mode this is expected behavior and Mac behaves the same. If you lock in the Editor a single document, you will not experience this jump, upon clicking within the Binder.

Thanks for the explanation.
But, this is not always convenient.
It would be nice to be able to turn this off.