Editor window doesn't take full available space in full-screen mode

Hi, just updated to Catalina.
The editor window now only takes part of the screen.
Tried different things, nothing works.
See screenshot attached.


Note that an update for Catalina compatibility is imminent but has not yet been released:
literatureandlatte.com/blog … gistration


That’s excellent news. The screen drawing glitches are hard to work around sometimes. I can’t access the inspector other than by entering full screen mode and having it slide in from the right side when putting my pointing device there. And the format bar has gone… and everything’s off and wonky! So again: excellent news. Thanks a lot!

Is this (see screen shot attached in which MS is stuck in bottom left corner of screen and inaccessible) the same issue?

If so, when will the remedy be available? Would have been nice to be warned about downloading Catalina.