Editor window scrolls down inexplicably when near end of a section in Scrivenings mode

First off, I love Scrivener. Don’t know if you guys get told that often enough, so there you go.

At any rate, in Scrivener for Windows v3.0.1.0, I’m reading through, for editing, several chapters of a novel that I have set up in the binder as such: Topmost folder is series folder, and in that folder are folders that are individual novels (of which there is only one, right now, as it is a new series). Inside each novel folder are folders for each of its chapters, and within the chapter folders are individual sections, “scenes,” if you will.

I always have two editor windows open (side by side), as that feature is extremely convenient. I edit and write primarily in the left window.

I am encountering a problem with scrivenings mode as I read through the novel for edit passes. The method I use is to click on a chapter folder in the binder and use scrivenings mode to mouse-scroll and read/edit the sections of the chapter. When done with that chapter, I click on the next chapter folder, read/edit, and so on. The weird potential bug is that as I near the end of a section (aside from the last section in a chapter folder), Scrivener will randomly scroll downwards a huge amount, often to near the middle of the next section. This forces me to scroll furiously back to the top of that section, and then scroll maybe a bit more to get back to where I was near the end of the previous section. I have also noticed that strange scrolling sometimes happens in the second editor window just by moving my mouse cursor over that window.

I do not recall if the super-scrolling happens as I scroll with the mouse wheel or if it just happens as I move the mouse. The super-scrolling behavior does not seem to happen outside of scrivenings mode, so I have provisionally eliminated a mouse issue, as it should happen all the time and in other software if it were hardware related, I would think.

Has anyone else encountered this? And if so, any ideas on how to address this issue? It’s starting to drive me batty.

I can confirm that it happens to me, quite randomly, and yes, in Scrivenings mode.
Sometimes it’s when I deselect text, sometimes just when scrolling. Sometimes when I scroll to the next document and click on it, it drops several screens down, nearly to the end of that document. Can’t make it happen consistently, so can’t say what determines it.

I’ve been paying closer attention, and for the bug I noticed, it seems that if super scrolling is going to happen, it happens when I move the mouse cursor over the next section (move it below the dashed separator line). Also, if it’s going to happen, it seems to only do so if the text-entry caret (the blinking vertical line) is near the end of the ‘current’ section, as in within a screen’s-worth of text from the end (caret visible on-screen) when I move the mouse cursor over the next section.

That last bit might be why it seemed so random to me. Only if I’d made an edit near the end of a section and then I happened to move the mouse cursor over the next section did it happen. It it still a little inconsistent, but it is fairly duplicatable. I click on a chapter folder (with scrivenings on), scroll carefully until the section divider shows up with a line or two of text under it, I then click into the current section to put the caret somewhere on-screen, then move the cursor below the dashed line, and presto, super scrolling almost always happens. Note that once it happens, scrolling up and trying it again on the same sections doesn’t seem to cause it to happen again, I have to exit Scrivener, restart it, and return to the sections to get it to happen again.

This is still an issue, and I have noticed that something like this also happens OUTSIDE of scrivenings mode, in the editor windows, right after I start Scrivener. I move my mouse cursor over to an editor window to continue where I left off, and the text scrolls up for no reason. It’s very annoying. Is anyone looking into this?

Or rather, the text scrolls down? Not sure what to call it. The window scrolls the text to show me text farther up in the section.

I also experience something that sounds a lot like this. In Scrivenings mode, I find all of a sudden that the editor has scrolled a long way down, sometimes (I’m pretty sure) many documents down from the one that had been in view, i.e., not simply to the next doc in scrivening. I’ve never been able to figure it out.

I’ve thought it might have something to do with the cursor/insertion point still being in a doc that has scrolled off screen, and so using the keyboard, or possibly also a mouse click, to position or even locate the cursor, is causing the jump. But I don’t think that’s quite it. These are sometimes very long scrivenings, over 100,000 words, but probably not always.

It happens often enough that I sometimes will do a “reveal in binder” and make sure I know where I am, before doing certain kinds of actions that may cause the scrivening to relocate.

Nice to know someone else knows about it! :slight_smile:

It’s similar in effect to what happens to an editor’s scroll position when panels are opened and closed or the editor is resized, and the shape of the text flow changes, but I know that that is an entirely unrelated thing.

This is still an issue.

I have noticed that the weird scrolling doesn’t happen until the mouse is actually moved. I can scroll-wheel down into a new section as I read in the scrivening (the mouse cursor is over the new section while the editor caret is still back where it was), and no freakish scrolling happens UNTIL the mouse is moved (if it is going to happen at all. It sometimes doesn’t). It does seem to happen more often the further down toward the end of the scrivening I get (especially if I am looking at the entire book in the scrivening rather than just a chapter), but that could just be frustration building.

I have gotten to the point where I click into the end of a section before scroll-wheeling farther down, in case it happens. I can then just press an arrow key on the keyboard to move the caret in the editor, which forces the editor to scroll back up to where the caret is without me having to find the spot. Though scrivenings mode is a GREAT feature, this bug makes it annoying to use.

This sometimes happens in the second editor window, as mentioned before, when the mouse cursor is moved into it, which makes me believe that the bug is part of some message handler dealing with mouse cursor movement over an edit window.