Educational License eligibility

Hello everyone,

I am a PhD’ student currently using the trial version for Scrivener.

Since I am approaching the end of the trial, how do I check if I am eligible for an educational license?

Thank you for your time.

For you I looked at:

and don’t see anything about educational discounts for individual students. Scrivener is so inexpensive that I’m wondering why an issue for you. There is discussion about above about bulk license purchases for universities, so perhaps check with the authorities at your university or perhaps suggest they buy a bulk license.

Welcome to the forum, Bergamot_Ink, and thank you for trying out Scrivener. We appreciate it.

Our education license is identical to the regular licence, except that it is offered at a discounted price (the discount is 15%).

We operate on a basis of trust, so no verification of academic status is required. If you consider yourself to be eligible, please visit our web store at, select the platform that you use, and click on “Buy Now” beneath the education license for that platform to purchase it.


Thank you RuthS for being most helpful!