Eek! Accidentally deleted 2500 words! Undo button?

I’m fairly new to Scrivener, and while I love the program, I do miss the little “undo” button I had on Microsoft Word. I must have hit a combination of keys on my keyboard that magically deleted all the words in my file. Is there any way to “undo” this, or to retrieve the deleted words?!


Notice that I am a mac guy, but I am forced into the windows world for work.

Try a ctrl-z. That is the standard undo for windows. That should help.

Ctrl Z should do the trick, just like in Word.
Some differences you should keep in mind:

Thanks SO much! Ctrl z did the trick! :slight_smile:

Also, Edit->Undo is there, just like in most programs, if you can’t remember the short-cut. Notice that the short-cut is visible there in the menu as a way to remember or learn what the shortcut is.

You can also add the undo button to the format bar if you’re a big button fan. :slight_smile: If you go to Tools > Customize Toolbars… and choose “Format Bar” from the list at the top, you’ll find it in the list on the left under the Format Bar icons and can use the arrow button to add it to the custom list on the right of your current format bar icons. (The format bar itself can be toggled on or off when working using Format > Show/Hide Format Bar.)