El Capitan

Any hints on when Scrivener will be working on El Capitan? I don’t how long my publisher will accept “I upgraded too soon” as an excuse. :slight_smile:

Scrivener is working for me and several others (so far) on El Capitan already :wink:

not working for me at all. it crashes when i open it.

BTW, for the L&L folks, I am attaching the crash report as a text file
log.txt (59.8 KB)

BTW, mine was another case of system crash due to access to contacts. I unchecked access to contacts for scrivener in privacy under system preference and scrivener works fine. it’s all described in another thread in the forum that i just discovered

EDIT: and the supplemental update of el capitan fixes the issue for me, now i have scrivener running on el capitan and having access to contacts and not crashing

We’ll release an update for El Capitan just before El Capitan is released, in the Autumn. Please do not use Scrivener 2.6 on El Capitan for critical work - you shouldn’t be using El Capitan for any critical work as it is only a beta, intended for testing and finding bugs. We’re grateful for any bugs reported to us, but we cannot support an OS that is not yet stable or intended for proper work. We follow the betas and will release an update once it gets to Golden Master status so that we know nothing else will get broken.

The recent crashing problem is a very good example of why you shouldn’t rely on beta OSes - the 10.11 beta 3 update caused all 32-bit apps that accessed Contacts (including Scrivener) to crash on startup. Fortunately that was fixed in a supplementary update.

An updated Scrivener will be 64 bit?

Supposing we had a version 3.0 running in-house, that would definitely be 64-bit. I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of such an entity, however. :slight_smile:

If no one can hear the entity of your confirmation or denial, does it make a sound?

Funky. 64-bit loveliness. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yes - it’s a high, shrill sound, but if you listen to it closely, you can vaguely make out the words, “Oh-my-God-how-much-did-Apple-change-and-how-much-longer-can-it-possibly-take-to-update-these-hundreds-of-thousands-of-code-arrrggghhh-and-now-there’s-another-bug-list-from-Ioa-noooo.”

You have all our compassion, Keith. It must feel a bit overwhelming at times.

To the users that complain, perhaps it’d be good to remind them that generally patience goes together with happiness :smiley:

El Cap is getting rather flamboyant with Scrivener 2.6 (know this is just a beta: sharing for the fun of it). :open_mouth:


marcoiac - thanks! And actually, I am really enjoying coding the next version for the most part. It’s just that there have been sweeping changes in OS X under the hood and I’m trying to make Scriv as future-proof as possible, which is a lot of work that won’t even be noticed if done right.

What the heck is that? Where’s that from? Is that a header when creating a PDF (or printing) from Scrivener? That looks as though El Capitan has completely messed up the drawing context.

Yup, just a test Compile to PDF, with the header (and footer, BTW) making my eyes and brain a little woozy. :open_mouth:

Enjoying El Cap.

Okay, I just booted into The Captain and can see it myself. Looks like there’s a serious issue in the latest 10.11 beta whereby header/footer drawing co-ordinates are messed up. If you turn on “Print headers and footers” in TextEdit, you’ll see that the headers and footers there print fine but are upside-down in the print preview (whereas in Scrivener, it’s the opposite). Apps that aren’t affected most likely don’t use the standard header and footer methods.

Actually, looking at TextEdit, all the text is being rendered upside-down in the print preview!

I’ve just reported this to Apple as bug ID #21799298.

Glad to hear you’ve caught that bug already - I am making regular backups and using Scrivener on the Beta without any other issues so far… I have another Mac that I use for important stuff that gets updated late, so I can always go back to that.

Out of curiosity - if version 3 did exist, and someone was just about to buy version 2 after Camp Nanowrimo… would an upgrade break the bank? :slight_smile:

Loving the app so far, just trying to find my way around the incredible number of options!


See what you mean: looks like Hebrew at first glimpse, with one eye shut, and from a distance.


Someone on Reddit also posted this from Reminders:

It looks like the latest El Capitan beta just has some serious text rendering issues where it’s coming out upside-down sometimes - bizarre! Every view and drawing context in OS X is either “flipped” or not flipped, which just determines whether the zero Y co-ordinate is at the bottom (not flipped) or at the top (flipped). When drawing, you have to be careful of this to ensure things are drawn in the right place (for flipped drawing, you work out the co-ordinates from top-to-bottom; for non-flipped views, you work out the co-ordinates from bottom-to-top). You’ve long been able to accidentally draw images upside down depending on the flipped status of a drawing context; you have to tell the image whether to draw flipped or not to work around this.

Text drawing has always worked this out automatically. I noticed that in the latest beta, some old text drawing methods have been replaced with ones that require a context passing to them in code, although this is so new that these methods aren’t even documented yet. My guess is that as part of the text system overhaul in El Capitan, they have done some tinkering under the hood with text drawing for these new methods, and in doing so they’ve messed up drawing for the standard text system and haven’t fixed up all the knock-on effects yet. (I fully expect my bug report to get closed as a duplicate.)

Our upgrade policy is that anyone who buys the previous version inside the three months prior to the major update (1.x -> 2.0, 2.x -> 3.0 etc) gets the update for free; anyone else who owns the previous version gets the update for just over half-price - so, 1.x -> 2.0 was $25 for registered users, and 2.x -> 3.0 will be the same or not much different. If this hypothetical version 3.0 did exist, though, it would be unlikely to be released within the three months following NaNo - the reason we are not technically admitting of its existence yet is that there are still many months of work to do on it.

Also, updates depend on where you buy from. There is no way of providing free or discounted updates to Mac App Store users, as Apple provides no facility for this. So only users buying through our own store or one of the resellers outside of the App Store (e.g. Amazon or the Writer’s Store) will be able to get discounted updates. For our App Store users, when we come to publish an update, we are considering selling at a discount for a few days to allow App Store users to get it at a discounted price, but if they miss out on that window then there is sadly not much we can do.

Anyway, all this is a long way off! (Lots of code to write, and an iOS version to get finished first.)

Thanks, glad you’re liking it! Remember that you don’t need to use everything - even I don’t use everything. Just use what works for you. One thing I am working on is trying to streamline things to keep things out of users’ way until they need them.

Understood - I won’t wait then, I was just hoping to avoid buying the current version the day before an upgrade. Your policy sounds very fair, so I won’t worry about it!

Many thanks!