ellipsis / suspension points not correctly exported to docx

Hi everybody,

when I export my Scrivener project to Word, the ellipsis (suspension?) points are not correctly exported, but become three normal points again. Does anybody else have this problem? I already tried to include a “format replace” in my export settings from three normal points to ellipsis (although this shouldn’t be necessary as the ellipsis characters are already correct in my Scrivener project) – no luck. My Word settings are also that three points are automatically changed to the ellipsis character when typing them, even have this as “global” text settings on my Mac. No luck, in the Word document they become three normal points again. Of course, I could use “search - replace” there as an additional step, but I’d really like to have this dealt correctly with the export. Using Scrivener on Mac and Microsoft Word 365.

Does anybody have a hint? Thanks a lot in advance!

EDIT: Just discovered that with another document, the export works fine. Now trying to figure out what the difference is although the export settings of both projects should be the exact same … Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I originally imported this project (the one where the ellipsis export doesn’t work) from a Word document to Scrivener.


Slàinte mhòr.

Thanks for the reply – I already had this option unchecked, but it was a good hint nevertheless – could very well have been the problem!

I’m more and more coming to the conclusion that something simply is wrong because I imported the basis of this project from a Word document with already came from another project which already made some problems with the paragraphs. Even when typing directly in this special project, the ellipsis isn’t auto-created (I replaced all normal three points with the correct ellipsis character via “search-replace” in Scrivener). When creating a new document, everything seems to work fine, although it uses (as far as I can see) the exact same settings, within Scrivener and my export settings. If my new projects (where I don’t have to import from Word) work fine from now, I guess I’ll just deal with this problem in this one project. Probably difficult to find a solution here.

Thanks again, anyway, for the reply!

As your problem is one of compiling from Scrivener, you’re more likely to find relevant posts and get further helpful replies if you took the care to post in the appropriate Scrivener forum rather than a forum concerned with Scapple!

I discovered too late that I accidentally posted in the Scapple instead of the Scrivener subforum. Hoped that this thread maybe moved by an admin there, but didn’t happen. I’ll probably post the question there again.

PM a mod and request they move the thread.