em-dashes turning into double hyphens when i compile to PDF...

I’ve seen several threads on related issues, but nothing yet that tells me how to fix this problem in Scrivener 3.
advice appreciated.

I wonder if you’re using the Mac or Scrivener substitution option for “smart dashes” in which you type two hyphens and the app automatically turns them into a single em-dash. If so, try using a hard em-dash instead. To do that hold down the Shift and Option keys and type one hyphen. Like so —

(BTW an en-dash is Option plus one hyphen. Like so –)

Hope this helps

thanks, david, but, alas, i am already using the hard em-dash in Scrivener.
and they’re still getting turned into a double hyphen @ compile.
it’s weird.
any other ideas out there?

A guess: if this is a custom compile format, open it and check the setting here:

I agree:

Slàinte mhòr.

Thank you, scshrugged & JoRo, that did the trick!
I thought I had Compile finally figured out.
But now I realize there’s this whole other dimension of it – custom project formats – to sort out.
Luckily my document is already outputting in 99% of the ways i want it to (and now thanks to you guys, 99.5%), so i’m good…
thanks again