Email compilation and Kindle workaround

Is there a way to email a document from the scrivener compile menu? If so, it would be quite handy to compile a draft and have it emailed. If there were a way to set up an email account and edit the subject line (to put the word convert in it) this compilation could be very easily sent to a Kindle.

I’ve been very happy with Scrivener for Windows. I just wanted to add a suggestion to make sending documents a tab bit easier.

I searched the forums for this option. Forgive me if I overlooked it.

No, there aren’t any plans of introducing an e-mail client into Scrivener, that would be out of scope. Do you have access to the Kindle? If so wouldn’t it be easier to plug it into your computer and compile straight to the Kindle drive? That is what I do anyway. :slight_smile: