Embedding a Linked Image from the Research Folder

I have an image in the Research Folder.

I want to embed it in a document. By embed I mean that I wan to see the image, not a link.

I know I can drag it in from the Research folder (which makes a duplicate copy behind the scenes, I believe) and I know I can make a link to it (Such that I see only the link, not the image), but is there a way to show the image as embedded?

Not a deal breaker; just curious.


Sorry, I’m not entirely sure what you mean. Do you mean that you want to drag the image into the text view in such a way that it appears as an image in the text view but is not copied, simply linked to the original?

If so, there’s no easy way of doing that right now, but it is on the list for a future update.

All the best,

Yes Keith, that’s what I mean.

It is exactly like the Edit - Insert Image Linked from File… , but for a file located within the Scrivener Research folder rather than a resource stored separately on the file system.

My reasons:

  1. I want to keep my Scrivener file independent of any external resources on the file system.
  2. I want to re-use an image in multiple documents, but not keep multiple copies of it (I admit this is just an optimization to keep the Scrivener file smaller, and not really a serious requirement.)
  3. I want to be able to see the Image in the document, but also link back to the Image in the Research folder. (I can do the latter with Edit - Scrivener Link … but the Scrivener link only shows as a text link.

Thank you.