Embedding a Website where a Log In is needed

Hello everyone!

I am currently using Scrivener to organize my DnD-Campaign. Now, I love to use an online-Tool called DnD-Beyond. Much content that I need to look up is on their website.

But in order to see the content, I have to log in to the website. Sadly, when I embed the link of the website when I am logged in I cannot see the content in Scrivener because I first have to log into the website because the content of DnD-Beyond is linked to my user account.

Is there any way to do this?

Thank you guys a lot in advance for your help!

Scrivener’s web page import feature is an archival feature rather than a browser. It is storing the page in an offline format to preserve it in case the site goes down or changes. You might get it to work by setting Allow limited navigation in web pages, in the Behaviors: Navigation options tab. I wouldn’t expect it to store cookies or anything though (and if it does, the next question becomes how to get rid of the ones you don’t want)—overall I can’t imagine any of this would be superior to just using a web browser.