Embedding Fonts for PDF CreateSpace - Mac

I’ve read through some comments that it is not possible to embed fonts into a pdf using the Compile function. Another post suggested using LaTEX plugin for MS Word or an application like InDesign. Although I guess Scrivener helps create the content, what good is it if I can’t get it into a pdf with the correct fonts for submission? With the text broken up in Scrivener, doesn’t seem I can easily get it into something like InDesign.
I am new to Scrivener so maybe I just don’t know how to do this. When I compile to a PDF the fonts are completely different and affects the formatting and readability. Plus I can’t use a script font for my title.

Embedding fonts in a PDF is not a common function. As far as I know, PDF comes standard with four fonts and these never get embedded, as they are assumed to be included with all readers.

To embed fonts in a PDF out of Scrivener, compile as RTF or DOC or ODT and open in OpenOffice or LibreOffice, both free downloads. Make sure the files, when you look them over in LibreOffice or OO, are using the fonts that you want – if not, change them to the fonts you do want. Then export as PDF and check the box that says PDF/A-1a. This is the archival PDF standard and will embed the fonts.

– asotir

Oh, ok. Thanks so much for that quick reply. I will give that a try and see how it works.

Are you sure about that? I get embedded fonts by default when using the Mac PDF generator (labelled “Publishing” in the Print Settings compile option pane). The PDF displays correctly on a Windows test machine that does not have the fonts installed that I used to create it, and if I examine the PDF in Acrobat X, PDF info shows seven embedded font faces (most being variations of the main body font family). Now, if you’re using the “Proofing” PDF engine, you may experience font problems, as you will be warned if you try to use it. This is the main reason it ended up being called “Proofing”.