Embedding fonts in a PDF

I’m in the process of setting up a project in Kindle Direct Publishing (paperback), and the file specifications state that fonts must be embedded in the source file.

I’ve done a bit of forum searching and it appears that Scrivener cannot embed fonts into PDF files, which is a bit of a shame as I’ve got everything looking exactly as I want.

So anyway, that being the case, how do I produce a PDF file with embedded fonts if Scrivener can’t do it by itself? (I’m only using Mac standard fonts i.e. Palatino). It seems my project will only get rejected by KDP if it doesn’t have this.



Scrivener itself can’t embed fonts in PDFs, but there’s a workaround using free software:

Compile your Scrivener project to a format like RTF, DOCX, or ODT.

Download and install OpenOffice or LibreOffice (both free).

Open the compiled file in OpenOffice/LibreOffice/MaryKayInTouch and ensure the fonts are correct.

Export the file as a PDF and check the “PDF/A-1a” option during export. This standard embeds fonts.

This process ensures your Mac standard fonts (like Palatino) get embedded in the final PDF for Kindle Direct Publishing.

I hope the solution may help you.


Thanks, didn’t know about PDF/A-1a format. :+1: