embedding scapple file in scrivener

Dear All,

I’m using Scrivener 3, and have saved a couple of Scapple diagrams to a folder. I’d assumed that I would either be able to look at the diagram inside Scrivener, or at least launch Scapple from Scrivener. Neither seems to be the case.

Could anyone offer suggestions? Perhaps I’ve missed something?

Thank you. In admiration of these excellent apps,


Are the Scapple files in the Research section of a Scrivener project, or somewhere else?


Dear Katherine,
Thanks for your speedy response.
The files are in a folder I created (it’s for notes on characters), and not the Research folder.
Looking forward to your further thoughts,
Thank you again,


If you have copied your scapple map into a scriv project — so, it appears as an item in the Binder area of your project — there are several ways to open it. Here’s one:

Click on the item in the binder. You will see a preview of the map in the Editor pane. Look at the right side of the footer of the editor pane and you will see a small iconic button/menu item that looks like a hooked arrow. Clicking that button will open the map in its native app Scapple and allow you to edit it, etc. This works for any non-native file you store inside your scriv project.


Dear GR,
Thank you so much for this, and apologies for the late reply.
The strange thing is that I’ve just checked the project, and now the Scapple files are appearing in the Editor pane - whereas they didn’t before. There was just a large Scapple icon. So not only can I link to Scapple itself but I can view the file inside Scrivener as I’ve always wished.
I don’t understand what’s been happening before, but it’s an unforced advantage!
Thanks again, in any case,

Did you recently update Mac OS?

Scrivener uses the Mac OS Quick Look preview functions to display files that it can’t open, so your symptoms suggest a glitch in that subsystem.