Embedding Scapples in a web page

I’ve been working on a small side project that can embed an interactive (pannable, etc.) scapple document in a web-page. You can check out a very half-baked example here – https://explog.in/static/scappled/ (works in chrome and firefox). I’ve been finding scapple remarkably useful to explore complex software, and often wish it was easier to publish scapple documents online in a way that’s convenient to consume.

It’s fairly basic at the moment, but I was hoping to open-source it after adding some more features – given it’s something I play with on the side, I expect it’ll be a few months before it’s ready to announce/release.

I wanted to run this project by you (the Scapple team/LL) just to sanity check that you would be fine with an open source release, etc. Thanks!