Embedding videos in a document

I want to produce a written report that includes images and film and am looking for a nice app to do this in.
What I would like to produce is something along the lines of a PDF with embedded media that people can easily click through.
In the past I might have used Director to make a CDRom but that is rather over egging it in this case.
I haven’t used Word for a long time and hope to avoid it. I am also hoping to avoid using html / xml etc or any programming at all.
I could use a presentation format and maybe splash out on iWork for Keynote (and I have been thinking of replacing NeoOffice for a while) - I don’t know if Pages will do what I’m after.

Anyways all thoughts appreciated


I know that Pages works very well on pdf conversion (.pages to .pdf), keeping hyperlinks and such. I think it also allows embeded QuickTime files, but I’ve never used this capacity (it works well on Keynote, that much I know).

Good luck on your report.