empty lines between blocks/paragraphs


Probably I am missing the obvious, but I can not make Scrivener compilation procedure separate text blocks/paragraphs with empty lines (MMD -> Tex compilation). The options of Compile -> Separators concern only separations of documents/folders, not text block within a document.

Should I just add blank lines at the level of editor? That would complicate matters when there is a need for compiling not only for Tex, but also for eg. MS Word which handles paragraph separation on its own.
I would appreciate your help.

On the matter of going to Word, this will be improving with MMD—actually it is fair to say it has already improved, with MMD3, it just isn’t integrated with Scrivener yet in a built-in fashion. There is a sticky thread in this forum with tips on how to get things rolling with the new version of MMD3 and Scrivener; but only take that step if you’re in a place where you can roll up your sleeves for a day or so to get acclimated to the new system, as it will change the way you work with LaTeX in ways which could be substantial, depending on how much XSLT customisation you’ve done in the past. In the new version, you can turn MMD documents into ODT files (complete with stylesheets), which can be opened in LibreOffice and then saved out as .doc for Word users. So that’ll be your best route, and in fact will give you a level of semantic control that is difficult to achieve elsewhere in Scrivener.

Okay, that all aside, to answer your specific question, you can spread apart paragraphs by utilising the rich text to white text conversion tool in the Transformations compile pane. I’d recommend leaving it to paragraph spacing only, as indents will likely inadvertently create block quotes throughout the entire manuscript if you’ve got first-line indent turned on in the editor.

Thank you, I’m almost there!

The strange thing is I’m getting double spaces in Latex output when using “paragraph spacing” plain text conversion (no matter whether there is indent in the document itself or not)

I could only produce single-spaced Latex (albeit with indentation) output - when using “paragraph spacing and indents” to white space conversion option, and setting a reasonable indentation of compiled Scrivener document. Removing (or setting very small) indent from document results in 2-line separators.

Curiously, plain MMD and MMD --> RTF processes produce correct paragraph separation.

Could it be simply Scrivener’s MMD --> Latex problem? If I take MMD compilation and render it to Latex via TextMate (system’s MMD version is 3.2), the spacing is correct (albeit <<>> blocks are not converted to math mode)

Again, thanks for your help!

Do you mean the .tex file itself? That’s normal in that case—LaTeX uses the same principle that MMD does in that paragraphs are denoted by a single empty line between blocks of text, and multiple empty lines mean nothing, they are ignored. Otherwise this setting should have no impact at all on the final PDF produced by the LaTeX engine. The only thing that would change that are settings in the preamble or littered throughout the .tex output itself (which MMD doesn’t do by default). You would see \parskip commands to add spacing in between the paragraphs.