Empty Projects

I’m having an issue with my past projects now being empty projects. I’m writing a book, which I carefully backed up and put in my Dropbox and also checked it to make sure it was there several times. I lost a project before because I didn’t do the backup correctly, so I am extra diligent in making sure my projects are saved, etc. I just returned to my project after not working on it for a month or so. When I opened up Scrivener it says there’s an update. All righty, I update. Things seem fine in the current project I’m working on which was open during the update.

Here’s the problem. I’ve checked all my other projects (the ones I saved to my PC and Dropbox) and they are all empty. The file folder says the name of the project with .scriv as the extension (file folder, not document)

Open that and there’s two more files that say
Novel (with parts).scriv and Settings.
Open Novel, there’s a Settings file.

All are empty. So where did all my stuff go? My photos, research items, characters, and scenes?

Since I put it in Dropbox I assumed it would be there safe and sound. No, nothing. This is distressing to me because I wanted to open the projects back up to work on them. These projects were compiled as well. I complied previous projects and was able to go back and work on them.

I don’t understand what’s going on. Hopefully, I’ve explained it well enough. Does this have something to do with the update? If not, WTH am I doing wrong?

Please explain and thank you.

Difficult to say, without knowing details of how you went about making the backups and dealing with DropBox. A project consists of a folder (name ending in .scriv), that in turn contains three major subfolders (Files, Settings, Snapshots) and the project index file (name ending in .scrivx). Each of the three subfolders in turn contain lower level subfolders and/or files. The contents you report finding sound incorrect and incomplete.

Backups are discussed in 6.11 Backing Up Your Work of the Scrivener manual.
DropBox usage is discussed in scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … c-services

I would suggest that you directly contact Literature and Latte’s tech support via email as discussed here literatureandlatte.com/support.php#section-email

Good luck.

Thank you! I’ll check with them. I wasn’t sure if someone else had this problem. All my folders are empty. It was saved to Dropbox as well as my PC. It seems every time I get an update I lose stuff!

Thanks again