'Empty' templates lose formatting when used.

Scrivener - Version: - 11 Mar 2015 under Windows 8.1

Documents without text and stored in the Template folder (‘T’ icon visible on folder and all sub-documents), fail to carry across any font or formatting when a copy is put into use via Add==>New From Template option or Project/New From Template menu, reverting to Courier New, Regular, 12, 1.0x, although labels and and status do carry across.

If one or more characters has been entered onto the document used as a template, including a space (ASCII 0x20), then formatting is carried over into the new document.

Is this a bug? A feature? It’s certainly a nuisance, whether it’s Scrivener itself or a problem lying between keyboard and chair.


I’ve been told elsewhere that formatting is attached to text, so an ‘empty’ template will produce a document which has reverted to system defaults. The immediate workaround is to have a space character (ASCII 0x20) in the template.
The search for a method of attaching formatting to empty documents was intimated, but no time-scales were mentioned.