Enable Shift Control Up/Down to move paragraphs?

Hi there,

In Microsoft Word and Google Docs, I rely on the shortcut Shift Control Up/Down to move paragraphs up and down. The feature is also described here.

This is essential to my workflow, but when I try it in Scrivener, I just get an error sound. How can I enable this keyboard shortcut?

Use the Binder. Split your document (using the Documents > Split menu option) then you can move the paragraphs with drag-and-drop in the Binder with ease. If this is something you find you need to do regularly you could create each paragraph as a new document in its own right and then use drag-and-drop when required. (The Compiled text will look the same either way.) Using the Binder has the added benefit that you can move non-sequential docu-paragraphs which you can’t do elsewhere.

Hi reepicheep, thanks so much for your response!

The whole reason I want to use keyboard shortcuts is that I don’t want to have to touch my mouse. Taking my hand off the keyboard and going to my mouse is extra slow for me because of my physical disability.

So, drag-and-drop doesn’t solve this for me.

Do you know of a way to use the binder with only keyboard shortcuts? (I imagine it’d look like: write a paragraph, go back to the binder, make a new text file, write in that text file, then go back for each paragraph. Sounds a lot harder than Shift Control Up/Down.)

To move a document which is selected in the Binder, what you want are the key commands to the Up and Down functions which you will find under the menu Documents > Move. If you don’t like the key commands assigned to those menu items, you can change them of course in your Apple System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts; or if there are no key cmds assigned to them, you can add some.

By the way, these same key commands will work to move a line item (aka document) up or down that is selected in the Outline view.

You can also move the focus from the Editor pane to the Binder and back with the commands you will find under View > Move Focus To.


P.S. I also have wished for a move paragraph up/down which worked within the Editor pane’s body text. I really like that little feature in Word. My usual use for it is when working with outlines in Word.


This amazing feature is available in Scrivener 3 with ^ ⌘ Up/Down (CONTROL COMMAND UP ARROW / DOWN ARROW).

Note it’s the same shortcuts to move a folder/document in the binder.

Enjoy Scrivener and writing!


Cette fonctionnalité indispensable à l’écriture est utilisable dans l’éditeur de Scrivener 3 avec le raccourci CONTROL COMMANDE FLÈCHE HAUT/BAS.

Notez que c’est le même raccourci que pour déplacer un dossier ou un fichier dans le classeur.

Bonne écriture !