End of free trial

Hi guys,

I’m nearing the end of my free trial for Scrivener. Just wondering, as the finished version is still not out yet, can I just re-install Scrivener at the end of the trial period?

Also, regarding paragraphs, how do you set the indentation for the whole project (already written)? I did try a suggestion somebody made but it didn’t seem to work! This is what I followed:

‘If you want to format multiple existing “files”, set up the desired format under “Tools > Options > Editor”, select the “files” you want to format (Ctrl+A to select all - Ctrl+Click to manually select “files”), then click “Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style”.’

Maybe I’m just a spaz so if you could spell it out to me that would be great! lol.


Spaz!! :laughing:

If you’re reaching “0” in your trial countdown when you start Scrivener, just hit the “Reset” button to bring it back to 30. The beta doesn’t actually expire until August 15th, by which point there will be a new release for download.

The instructions you followed should have worked to convert the indentation, provided you didn’t check “preserve tabs and indents” when presented with the conversion options. However, this adjusts the formatting in the documents in Scrivener, and you may have different formatting set for when you compile. You can adjust compile to not alter the formatting from what you have in the editor, if you wish, or you can just set up all your formatting there. Click the “…” button in the compile dialogue so you see all the options, then click the Formatting tab in the left column. At the top of that pane you’ll see a checkbox which controls whether you override your editor formatting at compile–just deselect it if you don’t want to change formatting. If you do, leave it selected and then for each document type and level in the table below it, select the row and then click the “modify” button to set the formatting. You can also play around with the existing presets in the “Format As” drop-down menu, which will start you off with some standard formatting. (More options will be coming for this, and you can also make your own presets by saving your compile settings.)

If you can explain a little more what specifically isn’t working with the Convert function and what end result you’re going for (changes in the project or changes in the compiled document), we can help walk you through that a little better.

Thanks for getting back to me MM.

For some reason it’s still not working for me and I have no idea why because I’m following the instructions to a T!(Or as I understand them to be!). I wouldn’t normally class myself as a spaz but it seems I’m the only one who is having this problem.

I have a large document (it has a total of 65,000 words) and all I want to do is alter the paragraph indentation throughout the entire project, so instead of each new paragraph starting 2 spaces in, I want it to be 0.05" in. I can do it manually on each page, no problem, but that will take an eternity and besides, having this program, I should KNOW how to do the whole thing at once!

So, basically instead of my paragraphs throughout the whole of my project starting like so:
Paragraph 1.

I want them to start as so:
Paragraph 1.

Not difficult for the average Joe, but for me…help!!

Though I can’t see your originally intended indent example (the forum eats a lot of formatting characters like Tabs), I do wonder if the Compile feature can’t suffice for you; it’s kind of what it’s meant for, which is to delay most if not all formatting until it’s time to create a single document from your draft. Look at the compile settings for “Formatting”, where you can drag an indentation marker to whatever level you want, and that will replace your indentations throughout your entire document at compile time.

I recently downloaded this. Maybe I’m being paranoid but I’m worried that what I’ve got saved will disappear once the update hits. I’ve never worked with this kind of software so I don’t know anything about stuff like this.

You’ll be able to just install the update and keep going. All your projects are stored outside of the Scrivener directory (in your Documents by default, though you may have selected another location when you created the project) and aren’t touched even if you uninstall the program. Likewise, templates that you create are stored in the App Data in your user directory and will continue to be available after the update. You can choose “Save Preferences” from the “Manage” drop-down menu in Options to ensure that you’ve got a backup copy of your preference settings should you need to load them again, although if you’re just installing the upgrade over the previous version your settings should stay. (Still a good idea to save them, though.) All in all, the update process is pretty simple and it only takes a few minutes to download, install, and then be back at work. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!!

I have been using the beta version now since November last year, patiently waiting to be able to purchase a license for the Windows version. My free trial has been going through a prolonged expiry the last couple of days; ‘free trial expires in 5 days’ which spread itself over more than 5 days, then ‘free trial expires in less than 1 day’, and the latest ‘has expired’. As of today, when I go to open up Scrivener I am now told my trial has expired and if I wish to continue using it I will need to register for a license. Which is what I’d like to do.

BUT I’m having problems; to register I need to enter both a license name and a license number, which I haven’t got. Clicking to retrieve the serial number sends me straight to aftersales; but I’ve not bought anything yet. And the only thing I can find to buy is a license for the Mac version, which is no use to me.

Will I be able to keep setting to Retrial each day until the 15th August? When will the Windows version be available for purchase? Hopefully I’ll then be sent all the necessary information? Will the steps I need to take be clearly set out, and send me to places that actually help me set everything up, or will I continue to end up spending more time than I would like searching to no avail?

Sorry if I sound a little impatient, I’m just looking forward to being able to move on from my trial status, and not having to worry about losing any work.

My copy has also indicated I need to purchase a licence -

I remedied by hitting “reset” ; no need to panic just yet …

I think it may be time to panic. The beta ends on Monday, Or buy a Mac real fast . . .

You can use “Reset” if you’re out of the 30 days, and Lee will be getting up the new beta within the next couple days, by the 15th. He’s been working on recoding some big chunks, so he needs to get that all together before he can compile the installer and put it up, lest we end up with half a program. :slight_smile:


I do technical writing. My workflow is unusual, I’m sure, but I link up issues in Access (many-to-many joins) and then manipulate it and bring it into Scrivener. It has been nice not to have to switch computers to do that. I’ll buy it when you get it together.

I have been using Scrivener for Windows beta for about a month and a half. I have grown exceedingly attached to it. As a result of the reminder that pops up at the beginning of each session, I have experienced increasing anxiety watching the calendar as the 15th has rapidly approached.

Resetting the trial period portion was self explanatory, but I couldn’t find anything regarding what to do about that ominous date. I even emailed the support team offering to pay for the beta version but didn’t hear back.

To get to my point, I just signed up to post a question on the topic and found this thread. It cleared up 99% of my anxiety; the other 1% is related to possible release-timing issues, however, I have faith :smiley: .

Honestly, I feel a little guilty using such a solid piece of software for free this long. It is exactly what I had been looking for and has more than fulfilled my expectations. Beta 26 has performed near flawlessly on my Windows 7-equiped machine. The only issues are things that have been identified on here as not quite ready yet (e.g., template folder function). I can’t say that I have experienced any actual problems or bugs. It’s fast, really fast, and things are intuitive, once you’ve watched the tutorials and played around for a while.

Excellent, excellent job whoever the people are behind it!! Oh and I am reocmmending this to other people whenever I get the chance.

I had exactly the same anxiety last time the beta ran out but they were quick to post a new one so there was really nothing to worry about. Honest. :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for the ‘real’ version… like many others I can’t wait to buy it. But thanks ppl for working so hard to make it good for us. I really do appreciate it.

I hear the coder for the windows version is an Australian… so, is the “15th” going by Aussie dating or by that of the US? Because tomorrow is the 15th here in Aussie-land, and well, I’m just about dying of apprehension x.x

I love Scrivener. I don’t want to lose it!


Any word on this? It seems like we’re on the brink of losing the current beta, but I can’t find anything about either another beta or an opportunity to buy.

Beta 029 has been released today!