End of text page behavior

Hi, Lee. First time posting. Just started using Scrivener on my MacBook at home, and decided to try the Windows Beta on my XP machine at work. Looking good so far!

I ran into some trouble at the end of a text page…as I was typing, the characters stopped showing up, and there was no automatic addition of new lines. No scroll bar formed. Then things really slowed down, and though it allowed me to place the cursor around the document, it would respond only slowly to anything I typed. I still couldn’t add to the bottom.

I finally worked around it by clicking on the last character of the text and hitting Enter several times, to force new line creation. It was fine after that.


I should add that this seems to be happening in the context of making a bullet-point list.

In fact, I’m still getting slow echo response to characters I’m typing at the end of the document, as long as I’m on a bullet-pointed line. It speeds up to normal, as it were, if I start adding non-bulleted text at the end of the text window.