End Punctuation Moved to Right of Yiddish Sentences in Compile

I’m typing a manuscript in both English and Yiddish, which uses a version of Hebrew letters that read right to left.

All looks fine in Scrivener, but when I Compile to an MS Word file, the end punctuation (periods, exclamation points, questions marks) get moved to the right end, or the beginning, of the Yiddish sentences.

For example in Scrivener I have:
זעסטו אַ מעשׂה? א

(Note: That “א” at the end there is not what is in Scrivener. I had to add that here because unless I followed with a Yiddish letter, this typing area forced the question mark to the right. In Word, when I type in Yiddish, I don’t have the problem–I can type a sentence ending with punctuation. The punctuation is only moved to the right when compiled from Scrivener.)

And in Word, after compiling, I get:
זעסטו אַ מעשׂה?

I am using:

MacOS Mojave 10.14.6

Scrivener 3.2.1 (I started with an earlier version, but upgraded this morning to see if that would help. It didn’t make a difference with this issue that I could perceive.)

Yiddish Klal, version 1.4 (isaacbleaman.com/resources/yiddish_typing/)

Thank you for any help! I love Scrivener, and very much hope I can continue using it for this project.