EndNote and Scrivener: How to "author (year)" instead of "(author, year)"?

Aloha, I love both Scrivener and EndNote, I’m pretty savvy at both - but apparently not enough because I cannot seem to code my in-text citation in Scrivener from EndNote to format it as “Smith and Jones (1945)” instead of “(Smith & Jones, 1945)” (after I compile everything into word). Can anyone shed a light?

  • Working on dissertation so a solution with the least amount of manual editing, the better. Mahalo!

The trick is just to remove the author name from the temporary citation.

As shown in {Smith, 1945 #3557}, coffee has many health benefits.

As Smith and Jones {, 1945 #3557} have shown, coffee has many evident health benefits.

You should read up on “temporary citations” in the Endnote documentation. That are a number of good tricks to know! (Like how do you make an in-text citation just yield “(p. 127)”?)


This is excellent! Thanks for the suggestion!