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I am testing Scrivener. Thus far it looks very cool. However, I need to be able to have in text citations. I use Endnote as my bibliographic program (I am new to Endnote, too).

While playing around, I tried to put references into Scrivener as an annotation. This was easy. I just dragged the reference from Endnote into Scrivener. No problem.

However, I exported the document to Word 2008 for Mac. The annotation appeared as a comment and not an in text citation. Of course, I could not generate a bibliography like this.

How do I get in text citations while using Scrivener, Word, and Endnote?

Wouldn’t you normally put it into a footnote rather than into a comment? Is that what you are trying to do? In which case use “footnote” instead of “annotation”. Otherwise you could try it just as normal text.

Perhaps another Endnote user can help you better than I can - I know a number of users use the two programs in conjunction.

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Simply enter the EndNote citation as text and not as an annotation. When you export everything to Word they will appear as “regular” citations.

  1. The Endnote citation in Scrivener should look like this: {Worster, 1994 #174}
  2. Create that with Cmd-C or drag and drop.
  3. Export the text, or copy-paste into a Word 2008 file.
  4. In EndNote Help, review these sections:
    Cite While You Write With Word
    Scanning and Formatting Files
    Independent Bibliographies
    Subject Bibliographies and Subject Lists.

Scanning the Word file should produce footnotes (or endnotes) and a bibliography, all properly formatted–unless the Endnote entries have errors or the wrong output style. If so, just correct and chose another output style.

Dear Bede,

I am an Endnote user myself. You will have no trouble using Endnote with Scrivener.

What they are telling you all true! The “temporary citations” from Endnote (as in {Worster, 1994 #174}) can be placed in the body text or in footnote text, depending on where your citations belong. To format your temporary citations and generate the bibliography, you would then Export your draft to Word or RTF format, and have Endnote process the result.


Hi Bede,

I’m writing my thesis in Scrivener with temporary citations from EndNote, and have exported several chapters to Word and run the citations without a problem. Just make sure (as others have pointed out already) that you have configured EndNote’s preferences correctly. You can change the format of your citations at any time from within Word, even after you’ve formatted the Bibliography / Reference section (e.g. from Harvard to APA).

You can also get Word to display your formatted references in the text slightly differently, by changing the structure of the temporary citation in Scrivener (or indeed in Word), simply drag (or copy) the temp citation from EndNote and modify it a bit e.g:

Tom’s theory {, 1993 #38} …once formatted would read… Toms theory (1993)
{see also \Dick, 1999 #245} …would read… (see also Dick, 1999)
{e.g. \Harry, 2000 #71; Bob, 2004 #151} …would read… (e.g. Harry, 2000; Bob, 2004)
{Larry, 2005 #84 p.253} …would read… (Larry, 2001 p.253)

You get the idea. Hope this helps a bit.
Sarah :o)

Thank you one and all!

I’ll give it a shot. I am working on a doctoral dissertation and do not want a formatting headache in addition to the other challenges.