EndNote not working when trying multipul refs into Word

Hi all,

I have just started using Scrivener to write my PhD thesis. I have written an chapter draft, using EndNote X4 as my referencing software. However, when I have compiled the work, used EndNote to format the doc, and opened it up in Word to send to my supervisors, there are some references which do not seem to work. I am sure it is me that is doing something wrong. It is fine when there are single refs, but when I am trying to do multipul refs, it goes wrong. I have searched high and low to try and find out what I am doing wrong, I am hopeful someone here can help.

Let me give you an example. Below is a small paragraph showing what I have entered into Scrivener (please ignore dyslexic mistakes - they will be sorted in due course):

When has moved across to Word, it looks exactly the same. It should look like the below (manually edited by me in Word)"

I would be very, very grateful if anyone can help point me in the right direction to sort this out.

Many thanks


Have you changed the temporary citation links that EndNote uses? In my installation, it uses curly brackets by default (see example below). These work perfectly for me (with over 160 thesis references correctly* presented in APA style).

Which displays as,

[size=85]*Although some required editing in EndNote in order to correctly display in Word [/size]

Thanks for the reply. I noticed the difference between the perentheses on mine and others a while back. I guess that I must have changed a setting somewhere, or have a different version of EndNote. However, it does not seem to be a problem when I am just using one reference eg.

turns (correctly) into

It’s an issue when I am trying to put in multipul references together - which suggests I’m inputing it wrongly into Scrivener in the first place. But what I am doing wrong, I can not work out.

Try semicolon within parentheses. Or excluding semicolon altogether and just listing parenthetical reference after parenthetical reference (EndNote will combine and sort them later).

Also, you can change the curly brackets setting within EndNote. Perhaps you did this at some stage? It may also be that your use is close enough for EndNote to work out you are creating references. You could test using curly brackets to see if it makes a difference.

I’ve been having a bit more of a play this morning, and I am half way to a solution. I have amended my Endnote library. Now when I have the below in Scrivener:

It turns into this:

All I need to do know, is work out how to get it to automatically strip out many of of the unwanted perentheses so it reads more like this:

Any help much appreciated.

Semicolons between references within parentheses.

Also, I’m not sure what referencing style you are using, but the parenthetical styles I know only require the surname (not the entire name).

I don’t have my Scriv file open, so I can’t paste an actual example, but something like this*:

will display as (using APA style):

Note that multiple references in a citation are listed in alphabetical order by first author, regardless of the order written. Everything written before a backslash will be printed before all citations - so the method you are currently using will not work.

[size=85]*All references cited above are fictitious and any resemblance to actual citations (past, present or future) is unintended and somewhat miraculous.[/size]

Thank you for the help and guidance. I can see the benefits of both software, but it is a learning curve. I have returned (after a bit of playing) the perentheses to the curly ones and can now do multiple references. I’ve made my self a crib sheet and printed it off, ready for future help.

Thanks again!

Cool. 8)

I understand the learning curve for EndNote: I kept a summary sheet for EndNote formatting and my style guide beside me while I wrote my thesis. It pays off: I submitted my thesis yesterday for examination.

Good luck!