Endnote numbering by chapter (section, etc.)

I am finalizing a book manuscript that is organized by chapters, with endnotes at the end of each chapter. The intent is for endnote numbering to begin with “1” at the beginning of each chapter. This is working perfectly when I compile for PDF.

Nearing the end of this project, I would like to compile for MS Word in order to adjust details in formatting, etc. But when I compile for MS Word (.docx) all endnotes are at the end of the entire manuscript and numbered from 1 through the total number of endnotes, i.e., through all endnotes in the manuscript. I have tried a lot of experiments with various compile options without finding a remedy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Try this: In the Compile Format (duplicate and edit the Compile Format if it is a built-in one), in “RTF Compatibility”, tick “Flatten footnotes and comments into regular text”. This forces Scrivener to use “faked” footnotes (that is, footnotes built from regular text) rather than word processor footnotes in its Word export, the same as it uses for PDF. It will then use the same techniques for building footnotes as it uses for print and PDF rather than building proper Word footnotes that cannot be grouped.

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Thanks Keith,

After writing, it also occurred to me that I could export each chapter separately, there are only 8. Work on each in Word as separate files, then merge them back together. I produced PDF files for print and a Kindle version by compiling in Scrivener, and the results are excellent. I only need to use word to deal with really minor, but somewhat difficult, formatting problems.

Bill Emanuel
Charlottesville, Virginia, USA