Endnotes divided by chapter

Hi there,
is it possible to convert footnotes into endnotes (Yes, I know that you can do that) and divide the endnotes by chapters. I want to have the following structure:

Chapter 1…2.3…etc
Endnotes organised by chapters

Any suggestions?


While you are waiting for the experts to chime in, this might help. I think it depends on your output format.

I often compile to ePub 2. In File > Compile > edit format > Footnotes & Comments, you can select the Group endnotes by section with subheadings tick box. But I don’t think this option is available for all output formats.

Thank you, Unfortunately, I need to compile in PDF and I don’t see the same option. Probably a missing feature of Scrivener.

That option is there for PDF export too.

i’ve got “Group endnotes by section with subhaedings” turned on, and it works.
BUT i need a little more control.
For example, I might have a chapter broken up into a few component pieces (Intro, Body, Conclusion, etc.).
And it will group endnotes under those (meaningless to a reader) sub-sub-headings.

In other words, I want endnotes to look like this:

Chapter 1

  1. endnote…
  2. endnote…
  3. endnote…
  4. endnote…


Chapter 1

  1. endnote…
  2. endnote…
  3. endnote…
  4. endnote…

sometimes it does what I want by default, sometimes not.
why might it be doing that?
and how do I exercise more control?

thank you.