English UI, French writing

Spend last half-hour looking in vain through pulldown menus, context menus and manual.
What about having an English UI (for sake of seeking easy help in documentation) but my writing is in French?
One out of two words is underlined red because of “mispelled” word in English while it is actually written in French. Couldn’t find the way to automatic spellcheck in French. :frowning:
Searched manual with “language” and “spellcheck” keywords, couldn’t find.
Can you pinpoint?
Thank you !

Are we talking about macOS or Windows here?

sorry, forgot to specify: Windows

Hmmm. In macOS the spell checker ist part of the operating system (with some settings under System Preferences → Keyboard → Text). I’m not sure if there’s an equivalent in Windows or if WinScrivener comes with its own spell checker. The manual (B.2, page 666/7) says:

Dictionary selection Set the language dictionary that the spell check engine should use, when proofing your work. Only one language can be in use at a time, so if you write multilingual texts, you may need to switch this setting as you go.”

What happens if you select a french dictionary? (In Scrivener: File → Options… → Tab “Corrections”)

Works just fine! Not obvious at first use, but now I know!
Thank you!

Mutlilingual writing in Quebec is not as common that one might think. We write either in one language or another. We are used to switch commonly to one setting to another, despite developper’s assumption,
For instance, Microsoft assume that if you speak French in Canada, you’re bound to use the Canadian multilingual keyboard layout, but as matter of fact 85% of French-speaking population of Canada live in Quebec where French-Canadian layout keyboard is the official provincial norm. Therefore, litteraly everybody knows how to tweak Windows’s wrong cultural assumption. SInce early 90’s. :wink:

Thank you again.

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